Negin Kianfar

Negin Kianfar (Tehran/Iran)

Studied in Art University of Tehran 

The Birthday 2006
1Hour-99Years 2009
Eve & Adam 2009
A New Day 2020
Liefde in Iran 2022
Rhino 2023 (post-production)

Example Expositions:
Fundatie Museum, Zwolle, The Netherlands
Museum of Contemporary Art MAC.A Morocco
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2nd Iranian Painting Biennale
Kunstmagazine Nijmegen
Casa adnew Amsterdam/Malaga


Voice artist, painter or filmmaker, I have always tried to express the same thing; myself and the reality as I see it. I use different media to portray my journey of self-discovery, a journey that takes me through the life of others and sees me absorbing parts of the environment which relates to me. This journey is not straight forward. It is contradictory, as contradictory as the life of the artist sitting on the border of contrasting worlds can be. A life full of blinding lights and dark shadows which sometimes escape and appear in my works.